The Risk Dinner is an event that was held at Mana Contemporary in 2014 and at Linsey Rosen's studio in 2016 for students in an afterschool photography program hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Photography. The event was prompted by a discussion in class with my co-teacher, Victor Yanez-Lazcano and our students, about what they did over winter break. Many said they were bored as there was nothing for them to do. This lead to a dialogue about going new places and trying new things, like food. With our students, we came up with a list of foods that they had never tried and planned a menu for a special dinner focused on trying new things and safe risk-taking. On the reverse side of the menu was a rating system so that students could document their experience. Students were encouraged to try all foods that they had never eaten before and mpromptu collective food tastings began to take place for foods that students were afraid to try.

Question cards were taped to the bottom of student's chairs. After dinner, students were told to check for a card on their chair. Each student with a card took turns reading the question aloud to the group. After each question, students wrote down responses in their journals, provided by The Chicago Perch, and then we shared them as a group and discussed how they could be connected to life and art making.

Risk Dinner 2014

Risk Dinner 2016

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