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As part of a research project investigating the connection between mentorship and youth violence, I worked as a full time intensive math tutor at Harper High school in West Englewood for a year. In my time as an educator, I have worked with students from a wide variety of background. The students photographed here share characteristics with many of the students I have encountered. They are smart, funny, charismatic, and honest. They also goof around, struggle with algebra, and sometimes don't listen when I try to teach them something. One difference is that these young men have many other challenges that other students do not have, like poverty, youth violence, and institutional oppression. But despite this, they show up to school and learn when they are given the opportunity. And like all students, many will reach their goals and others will not. It is my hope that programs, like the one I was given the opportunity to work in, will allow more of these students to live out their aspirations.

At the end of the school year, I held a pop-up exhibition in the tutoring room at the school and all of the students took their printed portrait home with them.

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