“Your Neighbor’s Bowl” was an interactive installation at Bagger Dave’s Burger Tavern in Grand Rapids, MI during ArtPrize 2015. The installation invited participants to post things they could offer their neighbors for free under the categories Goods, Services, and Money. Individuals filled out give cards and envelopes and hung them on hooks adhered to the windows in the foyer. The piece consisted of a fishbowl placed on a hand-built table, cards and envelopes, and two identical vinyl window installations displaying a quote from comedian and contemporary philosopher Louis C.K.

ArtPrize is an annual open call art competition held in Grand Rapids, MI. Any artist can participate as long as they can negotiate with one of the registered venues to host their artwork. Work is judged through both a paneled jury and a public vote. The event is about two weeks long and over 400,000 people visit downtown to take part in the experience.

In conjunction with the project, a GoFundMe campaign raised $200 to purchase gift cards to be used for burgers from Bagger Dave’s. These gift cards were posted on the window.

Link to ArtPrize Project Page

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